Ageless Beauty Program




You know there're lots of women in 40s suffering from aging

out there...but


once she comes to know basics of rejuvenation and ageless,

a secret for changing from inside


she can solve the problem of getting old physically.




 Even if you have been frustrated by diet or yoga,

  I'm sure you will be able to stay young and beautiful. 






I, Yumiko is a person having a healer's experience to help as a resident of the healing sanctuary Tulum, and a method of "changing the appearance from the inside".


Actually I'm also the number one person for guiding to stay young and beautiful from the essence for women in 40s with instruction experience of 15 years as a professional yoga instructor.



Receiving my services, you can be full of a sense of security and you will have a guide who listens to your stories anytime even if you never know what makes you feel comfortable in your daily life at the moment.


Healing enhances spirituality and physical training changes the appearance, so even as you get
older, you can become a beautiful, heterosexual, fun and sparkling woman .



I would like to tell a woman who is desperate that she is getting older in 40s,
" How to use your body and how you can be youthful with your mindset . "







In 40s, especially after 45, your body shape changes and it has lots of problems.


For instance,I know many women worry about having bad posture.



■ You've become more difficult to lose weight with age


■ It makes you feel uncomfortable whenever you think you will get older as it is


■ Even if you exercise hard, your body shape never changes easily and you get frustrated


■ You're getting harder to exercise a lot to maintain your body shape


■ You're worried about the future because you have various physical problems due to your posture and age.


■ It's boring to talk about illness and carring for parents with friends.

You want companions to talk more positively


■The people around you can't help it because of age,

on the other hand you're the only one that wanna stay young and beautiful forever

as long as you can effort.


■You never know what you're living for, who you're.

And you suddenly feel uneasy about what the comfortable state is.




The reason you couldn't solve these problems was

you hadn't met an experienced leader like me.


In the first place there are hardly people who send out correct information about inner beauty.

That's why most people have no correct knowledge, and they can never practice foundation

...that's the current situation.



Once you meet a leader who knows everything about calming your mind down and getting in shape

with a wealth of knowledge and experience, you can make the following happen.




■ As a short-term result, you can improve posture


■ As a medium-term result, your body will be eased and your style will improve.

Your face becomes smaller, the body becomes lighter, and the disorder improves


■ As a long-term result, you can stay healthy and beautiful by continuing to be ageless.

You're convinced that you will be able to get a sense of security that you can stay beautiful for good


■ You will be able to get in shape yourself without getting a massage


■ You will be able to have confidence by clarifying your "own axis" that will not be swept around


■ You will find out how comfortable you are




This time, I'll help you do that.






■ Those who want to maintain youth and beauty through self-care, not by esthetics or leaving it to others


■Those who know that true beauty comes from the inside

at the same time who want to keep the outside beautiful,


■ Those who want to be young and beautiful by changing their consciousness


■ Those who are seriously thinking of changing


■ Those who want to be beautiful not only from the outside but also from the inside


■ Those who want to maintain femininity without making excuses for their age




The following,please do not participate.

I only accept committed students.



■Those who want to perform only a yoga pose


■Those who are looking for flat know-how to be beautiful only on the surface without trying to refine their mind


■ Those who cannot obediently follow the advice


■ Those who just make excuses and never listen to me


■ Those who think that they can change without trying to do it themselves


■ Those who just want to lose weight


■ Those who try to continue other exercises in their own way

















"Improving your spirituality by facing yourself anytime."


"Being young and beautiful by changing your consciousness, connecting with your higher self"


As a tool, I perform fascia release and exercise.

I also tell you about the mindset.



Separate remote lessons (12 times in total) by Zoom  once a week.

By exercising for 3 months and 10 minutes a day, you can build a body that never gains weight for the rest of your life .


After that, I will continue to support (total 1 year), and you can always call or text.

I will answer your questions and worries.




■ Daily exercise: About 10 minutes

It takes about 15 minutes even with the self-fascia release.


It is a combination of gymnastics and fascia release that prepares the posture and how to use the body for about 10 minutes a day.


Oil massage, other than myofascial release, to care for the body to focus on the body

You will learn about skin care, scalp care, diet.


I tell you about not only the outside but also "the mind set based on yoga" to stay beautiful from the inside. It is a way of thinking to become a refined woman.




■You get younger by learning a proper posture, how to use your body, a mind set, and using the special appliance.


The special appliance is a neo-healer.
Yumiko shows you how to use it.














The neo-healer is a microcurrent to let a cell wake.


It is a massage apparatus to polish a cell with a slight electric current.

It lifts up your face,unties the face remainder and relaxes your brain, too.




■ I will tell you my recommended beauty goods and how to enhance spirituality.


I will also tell you recommended organic and health goods,the skin care and makeup products that Yumiko actually uses.


I will also tell you about Yumiko's simple and beautiful natural makeup.







■You're gonna realize how to improve your posture for ageless.


■You can increase work performance.


■You can change your posture and how to use your body to become an ageless body that will never gain weight for the rest of your life.


■ Face sagging, wrinkles, and face changes often depend on posture and facial expression.

 you can aim for age minus 15 years old.


■ By moving carefully, you can also have a mindfulness and a meditative effect.

 Not only the body but also the mind changes


■ By calming the mind, stress is reduced and the mind becomes richer.

 The expression is gentle and the beauty comes out from the inside.


■ By carefully observing the movement and performing it objectively

You will be able to see things objectively and get a deeper understanding of things in your daily life.







Based in Tulum, Mexico.

healing, a sacred place for yoga, and a celebrity longing for.



Mrs of the year 2020 Japan Finalist
Yoga teacher since 2007 and healer since 2012.

I teach how to Improve Posture, be aware of yourself, being
authentic and ageless.



I started to go abroad from 22 years old.

actually I've been to 16 countries so far.


Countries that i've stayed for more than a month are
the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, Hong Kong, and Beijing.


Interested in the spiritual world since the age of 25, reading various books

At the age of 30, I went to an aromatherapy school to deepen my knowledge of natural remedies.

I met yoga at the age of 32 and began to learn healing since then.



After returning from Hong Kong and Beijing in 2013, I went abroad from 2014.


I deepened knowledge and experience of yoga and healing (San Diego, USA, Bali Ubud,

Vancouver, Canada, Amsterdam, The Netherlands).


I got yoga qualifications in Tokyo, Hong Kong and San Diego, and
also got healing qualifications in Tokyo and Bali.


I also has completed Neo-healer training class.



Teaching experience at one of the top yoga studios in Beijing.


Changes have deepened over the years since the awakening of Kundalini in Bali in 2015.

I can see things in a completely different way than before.


At the moment,I'm also teaching in the world's top yoga and healing sanctuary Tulum.


The energy healing I learned is Reiki, Dikusha, Theta Healing,

Gerry Bonnell's Healing, Teate, Access Birds and more.





Because these methods have changed a lot to heal myself

I'm sure that is my mission and convey it.


it is a creed to convey only what I noticed in my own experience

not the words taken from the book




Click here for my video message







Price: 5,000USD


You can pay in installments.

(500 USD x 10 times, etc.)



Period for the support: 1 year (intensive lessons are for 3 months)


Number of positions: 10 persons only




Paying a lot of money for diets, yoga classes, and rejuvenation goods

Exercising patience, building up stress ...


Actions that do not hold the essence are likely to result in wasted effort,

relentlessly rob your precious time and money.



Then, why don't you learn from the basics once from an experienced professional

and get the skills to stay beautiful and youthful for good?



In addition, I'm limiting the number of applicants

in order to carefully support each person .




Free individual consultation is also available


In the free individual consultation, I will give you the details of this service and
also give you advice according to your situation.


Some people say that they can see the direction of what they should do

just by receiving free individual consultation .


Please feel free to use the free individual consultation.





Contact me from the button below



Yumiko will contact you about the payment method or

will contact you regarding free individual consultation.




Yumiko method for your ageless beauty

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Email to Yumiko


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+52 984 240 9574‬ (whatapp)








"Stimulate the soles of the feet, regain the feeling of the soles of the feet, and push the ground with the soles of the feet."


For example, most people never learn even these basics correctly.



In other words, "push the ground with this sole" and "use your toes"

is not known even here in this yoga sanctuary, Tulum.


Even in the world, information is flowing out of the essence.



There are no people who want to stay young around them.


there are few people who tell that we should be beautiful both of the inside and outside,

they can't find any good example.


Media and influencers haven't told them how to really rejuvenate,

It's just information that makes consumers buy things.



Yes, because few people are ageless and spiritual from experience,

it's quite difficult to obtain correct information currently.



Therefore, I wondered if my method would help women suffering from aging

I decided to release an online service this time.


Like I said,I've been doing yoga for 18 years and has been well received in the highly competitive yoga and healing area of ​​Tulum.



What I want to aim for is


To increase the number of women who are beautiful and popular with guys even as they get older,
and who are happy and glittering.



I want to tell a woman who is desperate that she is getting older in 40s,
"You can be younger with your body and mindset. "



Thoroughly ilook up and thoroughly practice myself.


Seeing things with a deep eye, insight and contemplation

As a result of continuing to be honest, I'm here now.



You want to be beautiful outside, but you also want to calm down spirituality.

you want to keep your body and face beautiful as a container for your soul ...


If you think so,

This time I can help you.





Yumiko method for your ageless beauty

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Email to Yumiko


or you can call to this number below


+52 984 240 9574 (whatapp)