Ageless Beauty Program




You know there're lots of women in their 40's suffering from aging

out there...but


Once they come to know the basics of rejuvenation and agelessness,

a secret for changing from within


They don’t need to worry about it anymore.

They can stay young physically and mentally.




 Even if you have been frustrated by dieting

and hard exercises or yoga to keep fit,

  I'm sure you will be able to stay young and beautiful. 






I’m Yumiko, based in the healing and yoga sanctuary Tulum.


I have 10 years of healer's experience to help others and have a method of "changing the appearance from within".


I’m also an expert in guiding to stay young and beautiful from the essence for women in their 40’s with instruction experience of 15 years as a professional yoga instructor.



Do you want to look young and beautiful without chemicals?


I can help you to transform your body and mind.



If you take my course you can also connect with your higher self, feel secure and you will have a guide who listens to your stories anytime even if you never know what makes you feel comfortable in your daily life at the moment.


Practicing the mindset which is based on yoga philosophy deepens your spiritual practice and gains your wisdom and physical training  using Neo Healer transforms your appearance and keeps that even as you age.


You can stay beautiful, vibrant, and shine from within.

Aging is not getting older, become more sophisticated.


I would like to tell women who are desperate that they are getting older in their 40’s.


It’s possible to stay young with my special method, keeping a good posture and using inner muscles to tone your whole body and your mindset.







In your 40's, especially after 45, your body shape changes and it has lots of problems.


For instance, I know many women worry about having bad posture.



■ You have more difficulty losing weight as you age.


■ It makes you feel uncomfortable whenever you think you will get older as it is.


■ Even if you exercise hard, your body shape never changes easily and you get frustrated.


■ It’s getting harder to keep fit even if you exercise a lot.


■ You're worried about the future because you have various physical problems due to your posture and age.


■ It's boring to talk about illness and to talk about more positive and fun things for parents with friends.

You want companions to talk more positively.


■ The people around you think aging can’t be avoided and it’s necessary to accept on the other hand you’re the only one that wants to stay young and beautiful forever as long as you can with your effort.


■You never know what you're living for, who you're.

And you suddenly feel uneasy about what the comfortable state is.




The reason you couldn't solve these problems was

you hadn't met an expert like me.


In the first place, there are hardly any people who send out correct information about what good posture is.

That's why most people have no correct knowledge, and they can never know where they should start for being ageless.

...that's the current situation.


Once you meet a teacher who knows everything about relaxation and aligning your mind and body with a wealth of knowledge and experience, the following things will happen to you.




■ As a short-term result, you can improve posture.


■ As a medium-term result, You’ll have  such a transformation.

Discomforts in your body will be reduced or disappeared, you’ll have a good figure, toned, body and get a facelift , slimmer jawline, and smooth, shiny skin!


■ As a long-term result, you feel secure that you can stay young and healthy and be ageless with this method. You can age like fine wine.


■ You can take care and align your body, and adjust your body without getting a massage.


■ You will have confidence and can be yourself by connecting with yourself.


■ You will find inner peace.



This time, I’m happy to help you.






■ Those who want to maintain youth and beauty through self-care, not by esthetics or leaving it to others


■ Those who know that true beauty comes from within at the same time who want to keep the outside beautiful,


■ Those who want to be young and beautiful by changing their consciousness


■ Those who seriously want to transform themselves


■ Those who want to be beautiful not only from the outside but also from the inside


■ Those who want to maintain femininity without making excuses for their age




The following,please do not participate.

I only accept committed students.



■ Those who just want to do yoga poses


■ Those who are just looking for outer beauty and don’t want to refine their minds


■ Those who cannot obediently follow the advice


■ Those who just make excuses and never listen to me


■ Those who think that they can change without trying to do it themselves


■ Those who just want to lose weight


■ Those who try to continue other exercises in their way



















"Improving posture and keeping a good posture requires a lot of self-awareness and you can improve your spirituality."


"Being young and beautiful by changing your consciousness, connecting with your higher self"


My method includes Self-myofascial release and gentle exercise to align your body and also a mindset which is based on yoga philosophy to align your mind and shine from within.



Virtual lessons (12 times in total) by Zoom once a week.

By exercising for 3 months and 10 minutes a day,

You can transform your body and you’ll keep fit for the rest of your life.



After that, I will continue to support you (total of 1 year), and you can always call or text.

I will answer your questions and worries.




■ Daily exercise: About 10 minutes

It takes about 15 minutes even with the self-myofascial release.


Gentle exercises and self-myofascial release to align your body for a good posture and practice using inner muscles to tone your whole body and for being ageless.

It’s about 15 minutes a day.


Oil massage, other than myofascial release, to care for the body to focus on the body

You will learn not only self-myofascial release but also self-oil massage, skin care, scalp care, and diet.


I teach you not only the things to make your outside beautiful but also inside by "the mindset based on yoga".

Then you can stay beautiful and shine from within.




■ You’ll look younger by learning a proper posture, and using inner muscles to make your blood circulation, energy flow, and metabolism improve.


The special device is a Neo Healer.

I will show you how to use it.














Microcurrent massager that awakens cells

It is a massage apparatus to polish a cell with a slight electric current.


It promotes blood circulation and relieves pain, inflammation, numbness, stiffness, and swelling.

It increases blood circulation and energy flow and also contributes to facial lift, brain activity, and relaxation.




■ I will tell you my recommended beauty products that I use and how to improve spirituality.

I will also tell you about Yumiko's simple and beautiful natural makeup.







■ You’ll get a good posture for being ageless.


■ You can increase work performance.


■ You’ll improve your posture, be able to use inner muscles to tone your whole body and be ageless ,and will never gain weight for the rest of your life.


■ Facial skin problems, such as face sagging, wrinkles, and double chin can be solved by improving posture. You may look 15 years younger than your real age.


■ By moving carefully, you can also have mindfulness and a meditative effect. Improving posture requires a lot of self-awareness and your movements become nice and gentle.

Not only your body but also your mind changes


■ By calming the mind, stress is reduced and you’ll feel inner abundance.

Your movements and facial expression will be sophisticated and you can shine from within.


■ By carefully observing yourself, your movements, facial expressions, posture, your thoughts, your words and accepting them without judging, you’ll see things clearly and think deeply in your daily life.







Based in Tulum, Mexico.

Healing a sacred place for yoga and celebrity longing.



Mrs of the year 2020 Japan Finalist

A Yoga teacher since 2007 and healer since 2012.

She teaches how to Improve Posture, be aware of yourself, being authentic and ageless.



She started to go abroad at 22 years old.

Actually, she’s been to 16 countries so far.


Countries that she’s stayed for more than a month are

the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, Hong Kong, and Beijing.


Interested in the spiritual world since the age of 25, reading various books

At the age of 30, She went to an aromatherapy school to deepen her knowledge of natural therapies.

She met yoga at the age of 32 and began to learn healing since then.


After returning from Hong Kong and Beijing in 2013, she went abroad in 2014.

She deepened her knowledge and experience of yoga and healing (San Diego, USA, Bali Ubud,

Vancouver, Canada and Amsterdam, the Netherlands).


She got yoga qualifications in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and San Diego, and

also got healing qualifications in Tokyo and Bali.


She also has completed a Neo Healer training class.



Teaching experience at top studios in Beijing.


Changes have deepened over the years since Kundalini Awakening in Bali in 2015.

She can see things in a completely different way than before.


At the moment, she's also teaching in the world's top yoga and healing sanctuary Tulum.

She moved to Tulum in November 2021 and currently also teaches at top yoga studios there.


She learned Reiki, Deeksha , and other energy healing and also sound and voice healing from several teachers.

She’s been practicing Indian classical music since 2015.





She just learned and practiced them to heal herself and she was able to transform herself.

She thinks it’s her call and would love to share it with many people.


She always shares the words from her own experience, not from books.




Click here for her message







Price: 3,000USD


You can pay in installments.

(300 USD x 10 times, etc.)



Period for the support: 1 year (intensive lessons are for 3 months 12 lessons)


Number of participants: Only 10 persons




Paying a lot of money for losing weight, you go to many yoga classes, exercise a lot, and buy items for rejuvenation but you just ended up with increasing stress and losing money and time.



Then, why don't you learn from the basics once from an experienced professional

and get the skills to stay beautiful and youthful for good?



In addition, I'm limiting the number of applicants

to carefully support each person.



After finishing this course you can keep taking my lessons for 400 USD a month.

I can teach you about energy healing, sound/voice healing, breathing, meditation , and more.




Free individual consultation is also available


In the free individual consultation, I’ll explain the details of this course and give advice.


Some people say that they can see the direction of what they should do

just by receiving free individual consultation.


Please feel free to book a free individual consultation.






Email to Yumiko









"Stimulate the soles of the feet, regain the feeling of the soles of the feet, and press the ground with the soles of the feet."


Actually, this is the foundation of yoga but as yoga gets very popular in the world and most people don’t have an opportunity to learn this foundation.


In other words, "this foundation of yoga" is not known even here in this yoga sanctuary, Tulum.


Even in the world, information is flowing out of the essence.


There aren’t many people who want to stay young, and look young and beautiful as they age and it’s very difficult to find a good example and also have a strong will to keep looking beautiful inside and out.


Actually, few people are beautiful and also spiritual but they don’t share the information about why they’re like this.

So it is very difficult to get the right information about being ageless and looking beautiful inside and out even with aging.


I’ve been practicing yoga for 18 years and I’m teaching at top yoga studios in a very competitive place here in Tulum and have great feedback from students.


I’m sure my method would help many women who don’t want to look old, stay young and age gracefully.

Therefore I’ve decided to release this online course this time.


What I want to achieve is


To increase the number of women who are beautiful and attractive and shine from within even they age.



I would like to tell women who are desperate that they are getting older in their 40’s. It’s possible to stay young with my special method, keeping a good posture and using inner muscles to tone your whole body and your mindset. Thoroughly I look up and thoroughly practice myself.



Thoroughly I look up and thoroughly practice myself.


I took so many lessons, searched, practiced, and discovered and it took me more than 20 years to create this method.

I just wanted to heal myself. I didn’t like myself and here I am. I love myself now.


You want to be beautiful inside and outside and also improve your spirituality.

You think your body and face are a sacred vehicle for your beautiful soul and want to keep your body and face beautiful as well.


If you think so this course is for you!






Email to Yumiko